Heiliges Reich - Honor Imperii

The day has come! Heiliges Reich is back with a new album and jsut as the first album is it raw and brutal RAC with well written lyrics. One change is made and that is a new singer but don´t worry about that it´s jsut as good as the first one and will jsut give strength to the band to continue their muscial crusade all over the world! The cd contains 13 tracks and comes with a booklet with all lyrics and some pictures. Top notch!


01. Honor Imperii   
02. Dornroschenschlai   
03. Warum   
04. Schatten Im Verstand   
05. Die Wahren Sozialpadagogen   
06. Werde Unsterblich   
07. Schwarze Garde   
08. Germania Fugt Sich Nie   
09. Reisegruppe Abgehrannt   
10. Hinterfragt Euer Finanzsystem   
11. Die Suche   
12. Das Goldene Vlies   
13. Schicksalsstunden




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