Handstreich - Fehler

 Handstreich have been part of the German right-wing rock landscape since 2004 and fortunately they have decided to board a recording studio again. With “ERROR” they deliver us, definitely not a mistake, but a really interesting and worth listening album. Musically they have of course stayed true to their style, but with the song structures, as well as with the recordings themselves, a considerable amount of extra effort has been added. Whether combative topics, history or dealing with interpersonal conflicts, you never fall into self-pity, on the contrary, you verbally intervene properly. To describe the three quarters of an hour of music, one could say: faster, gruff, but very melodic rock, with a slight tendency towards pop-punk. But a few harder elements also come into play here and there and thus bring even more variety into the game. The presentation is dignified and underlines, in a very subtle way, the ambience of the CD. You can expect a fat / fresh sound and songs that also invite you to sing along. "QUOTE LABEL"

1. Einklang / Kanon    
2.  Körper & Geist    
3.  Fehler    
4.  Potsdam '45    
5.  Besser Werden Kann    
6.  Wolken    
7.  Wir Sind Die Front    
8.  Flüchtling Willkommen    
9.  Mit Schönen Grüßen    
10.  Leider Nicht    
11.  Halbes & Ganzes    
12.  Immer Aufrecht

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