Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten - Rattenfänger (gigipack)

Uncensored version.

Gigi have been very  productive recently and have released beside this full length album a mini-cd with the name “Mediokratie” that you of course also will find at Midgård now back to this terrific cd.

Raw and brutal music is what the Braunen Stadtmusikanten will play for you and on vocals will you find Gigi´s characteristic voice that sings out lyrics full of hate,disgust,humor and satire to the German system.

The cd contains 16 tracks and have a playtime on almost 50 minutes and comes with a 16-pages booklet. The album is made in two versions this regular one or the “Gigipack”.


01. Eigentlich Hübsch Hier (Intro)

02. Rattenfänger

03. Terrorzelle

04. Mann Des Gesetzes

05. Die Datei

06. Unsere Norm

07. Dany Dattel

08. Nickneger

09. Der Große Schritt

10. Konfetti

11. Farbenlied

12. Wir Alle Sind Ausländer

13. Männer Mit Werten II


14. Es Ist Egal (Unveröffentlichte Demoversion)

15. Musikus (Unveröffentlichte Vorab-Version 2010)

16. Outro



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