Gegenpol - Unser Erwachen Euer Untergang

After the split CD with Jungvolk and the project P.O.R.N.O.  and the guys from Gegenpol present their new full album. It has become 10 rock songs with over 43 minutes of playing time and they have it all!

Thoughtful and playful melodies, paired with system-critical and militant texts, form the foundation of a modern rock production. The guys enjoy the music and say something, that's exactly what the album reflects. To give the whole a dignified design, they reunited with mudhater design and this created a beautiful, epic-looking design that puts the finishing touches to the album. Modern sounds, for the identical spirit and against the existing! It means access! >>> Quote Label!

01. Nonkonformer Klang
02. Träume
03. Wir Reißen die Welt ein
04. Leichte Beute
05. Schall und Qualm
06. Komm' Mit
07. Wir halten Stand
08. Unser Erwachen
09. Angst

10. Generation des Zerfalls


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