F.I.E.L. - 2x18

The FIEL musicians worked on this rock CD for two whole years. Anyone who knows Marcel knows that he is a perfectionist He only gives his "GO" when everything is 100% right. And so it is with his new album. The music is can absolutely compete with any mainstream band in the genre, only difference is the well written nationalistic lyrics. 12 songs that could not be more different than the other, from classic pitiful anthems like "National Solzialist" to dark distopias, everything is represented.

01. Deutschland lebt

02. Jetzt sind wir hier

03. Kolonne im Chor

04. Mecklenburglied

05. Nationaler Sozialist

06. Schar der Falschheit

07. Der Tag an den das deutsche Herz Flammen schlägt

08. Menschenhasser

09. Ich bin dabei

10. So sieht dat aus

11. Vandalia

12. Vergesst mich nicht

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