Der JN Sampler - 50 Jahre Widerstand für Deutschland

The JN now looks back on 50 years of struggle for people and homeland.

To celebrate this anniversary, over the past two years, artist friends and members have been asked if they would like to contribute something musically. The result is now this compilation of old and new hares, any musical Coleur. The whole thing will be introduced with the new, official JN anthem. This is followed by exclusive contributions by Germanium, Der Oberberger, Freilich Frei (2 titles), Teutonia (2 titles), Handstreich, NSS, Brauni, Gassenraudi, Fylgien and Jörg Hähnel. From ballad to rock and chant, everything is there. In the chic 8-page booklet, there are also some words to the history of the JN and pictures from 50 years to admire. JN ahead!

1. Die zitadelle - JN-lied
2. Dem deutschen soldaten - Germanium
3. Eure idee ist ünsere pflicht - D.O.B
4. Ohne euch - Freilich frei
5. Auf in die schlacht - Teutonia
6. Wach endliich auf - Handstreich
7. Koppelschnalle - n´socialist soundsystem
8. Das mädel mit der fahne - Brauni
9. Rockmusik - Teutonia
10. Zusammen zuschlagen - Gassenraudi
11. Blinder narr - Fylgien
12. 45 tot - Freilich frei
13. Zivilgesellschaft - Jörg Hähnel

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