Skrewdriver - Live at The 100 club, 1983

A previously unreleased Skrewdriver liverecording from 1983, when the band did not try to hide their patriotic views anymore. The recording is not top-notch, but gives back the atmosphere of the early Skrewdriver shows. Original classics, and rare cover versions too. Historical document!

1. Back with a bang 

2. If there’s a riot 

3. Boots and braces 

4. Skrew you 

5. Tomorrow belongs to me 

6. Government Action 

7. Don’t let them pull you down 

8. Paranoid (Black Sabbath) 

9. Soldier of Freedom 

10. Midnight Train 

11. We don’t pose 

12. On the Streets 

13. Red London (Sham 69) 

14. Street fight 

15. Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones) 

16. I don’t like you

17. Antisocial 

18. Shove the dove

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