Skrewdriver - Freedom what freedom

Another classic alsbum from the white power-band no.1!

Ian Stuart is here under heavy pressure from the regime and their police and you can here it clearly in some songs... But you can also hear that he is not put down by it, just pissed. Other songs declare the pride he had in his heart for all he loved.

Be sure; here you can find alot of inspiration in dark moments.

1. Intro

2. Mother Europe's Son

3. What Price Freedom

4. This Little Piggy

5. This Feeling

6. Blood of the Kings

7. One Land (Re-unification)

8. Stolz

9. Return to Camelot

10. (Oh No) Her Comes a ...

11. When the North Wind Blows

12. God of Thunder

13. The Road to Valhalla [Epilogue]

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