No Remorse - Skinhead army

Best of cd with the legendary No remorse with Paul Burnley in the front! Some of the best tracks are missing but thats because of German laws. The live version of Farwell Ian stuart is previous not released on cd.

Paul Burnley we salute you!


01. The tree of life
02. Blood against gold
03. Dining with the devil
04. Renegade 
05. Hold on south Africa
06. My homeland
07. Sword of defiance
08. Living nightmare
09. Play the winning hand
10. Gone with the breeze
11. What have we got
12. The flame the never dies
13. Ain´t see nothing yet
14. Farwell Ian stuart
15. When all others prove unfaithful


16. Tree of life
17. The flame that never dies
18. Tomorrow belongs to us
19. Farwell Ian Stuart




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