Hiraeth - Hiraeth

By this release we welcome the American female singer-song-writer Hiraeth to Midgård!

Hiraeth is something odd in the nationalist movement. She is not like the mainstream RAC bands or the old Oi-sound. She has totally her own path. It might not be the party music that we so often sell, but more of an album for reincernation and inner search.

The genre is a scaled off, down to earth and expremental one, and we are sure some of you are gonna fall in love with her music - and others won't. The lyrics are well-written, with a deph that many others don't have. Please listen to the sample of Hiraeth, a member of the American White Art Collective!

“Restoring our honour, And breaking the fever. From the seed to full grown. Let the truth be known”

“Can´t just stand by, broken wings won’t take flight, Only cowards flee to hide, Strengthen the will to try..try..”

1. The Cycle (Intro) 01:37
2. Stirring 04:12   
3. Written And Bound 04:12   
4. Ghost In The Mirror 04:18   
5. Ode To Redemption 03:52
6. Hope Is A Gamble (We'll Find A Way) 03:42
7. Try 03:54
8. More Than A Masquerade 04:40

9. Out Of The Fog 04:33
10. Permeate 03:06
11. Our Future Is Our Own 05:12
12. Upside Down 04:24   
13. Counting Forward 03:43
14. Family 04:45
15. It Begins In The End 06:45

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