Bound for Glory & Brainwash - Day of victory

What is this? Bound for glory and Brainwash on the same cd?  Are the gods crazy? Have Bound for glory changed their sound to hardcore? Have Brainwash turned into a metal band? What is happening!?

Calm down mate nothing have changed =)

First out is Brainwash with 7 tracks of fast and sharp hardcore with catchy melodies and aggressive undertones , just the way it should be =) Next up is Bound for glory who once again show why they are called kings of metal. Well-thought-out music played by talented musicians guide the way for Joel and his powerful voice that bring the listener the well-written lyrics.


Release year: 2016




01. Introduction

02. Defend our Europe

03. Death will judge me

04. Remember the fallen

05. Flame of Purity

06. Bloodlust

07. Revenge (2016)


Bound for Glory

08. Sleeping Giant

09. What have your sons done now?

10. Banned for Glory

11. Hunting Pirates

12. The final Bullet

13. Day of Victory  

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