Bakers dozen - Nightmares in red, white & blue

This band have always packed a punch and told it just how it is. The boys are back with another master piece of Scottish Oi! with a touch of punk to finish it off. The titles kind of tell you what to expect, well and truly slapping society in the face with their wake up call. Bakers Dozen, a constant value you can rely on. 13 tracks in total with more than 42 minutes of music. Nice big booklet with all lyrics and lots of photos. 

01. Nightmares in red, white & blue 

02. Put the boot in 

03. Ask questions later 

04. Carstairs 76 

05. The final option  

06. Sitting target  

07. The fury 

08. Instigator 

09. Complete contempt  

10. Nothing like the truth  

11. Victory for common sense  

12. The sentence is death  

13. We’ll never back down

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