JackRebel - Jack the guns

We can proudly present Midgård´s latest release and it is the Ukrainian band JackRebel who are here with their first full length album. The swedes have got the chance to know the band from an interview on Midgård magazine and also with the bans single “Drink & fight” which maybe you have seen too.


JackRebel plays a very intelligent mix of raw metal and good old rock´n´roll and if you add their aggressive and humoristic lyrics you can understand that this album takes no prisoners on their way to the metal-throne.

We asked some friends to listened to the album before the release and if we should try to write the comments in a few descriptive sentences would it be like this: If you mix Pitbullfarm´s debut cd with Dischargers album “our hate is justified” and on the top of that add Warlords album “the last command “then you will be very near JackRebels sound. Right or wrong?  Well take a look at the samples and see for yourself.

The album has 9 tracks with a playtime near 40 minutes and comes with a booklet that contains all lyrics and some photos.


Jack the guns is available in two different ways, this is the regular version but we also have it in a digipack which is limited 100x.


01. Jack the guns!
02. Dogsfight
03. Midnight bloody blues
04. Evening highway
05. Bad dog blues
06. My game is on!
07. Jesus loves my rock´n´roll
08. Go to hell!
09. Jack Daniel´s

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